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Here are the following items before you buy one:
1. General usage: Consider if the digital multimeter is to be used for home/hobby use. If so, it is unlikely to need the same level of robustness and reliability as one used for industrial or professional use. There is a considerable difference between the cost of the entry levels meters and those used for professional use.
2. Amps, Volts and Ohms: All digital multimeters will be able to offer the basic measurements of amps volts and ohms. These are the basic measurements that are included in any multimeter that you will want to buy.
3. Additional ranges: Today, digital multimeters are able to provide a number of ranges beyond the basic Amps, Volts and Ohms. Ranges may include a buzzer for continuity, temperature, capacitance, diode and transistor measurements, as well as frequency and several other measurements. As different DMMs will offer different capabilities, it is necessary to consider what might be needed when buying a digital multimeter.
4. True RMS: Many digital multimeters only provide an average reading of an AC waveform that may be calibrated as RMS. This will not provide an accurate reading of the waveform differs from a sine wave. If a true RMS reading is needed, this should be checked so that the correct digital multimeter is bought. Typically DMMs that are able to provide true RMS readings are more costly than those that do not. If this is required then check that it says ‘True RMS’ and not just RMS.
5. Accuracy and Resolution: Accuracy and resolution are two key aspects associated with any digital test instrument. When choosing a digital multimeter it is necessary to distinguish between the two aspects and determine whether the performance is adequate.
6. Autoranging: One useful facility that is available, typically on higher-end digital multimeters is the auto range facility. It is worth considering whether it is a requirement when buying a digital multimeter. Using this it is only necessary to select whether volts, amps, ohms, etc are being measured. The meter will detect the level of the measurement and select the required range. This is particularly useful for applications like field service where it may not be convenient to keep selecting a range to obtain the optimum reading.
7. Safety Ratings: When measuring voltages, particularly on electrical installations it is necessary to ensure that the digital multimeter has an adequate safety rating. IEC 1010 categorises meters according to their safety ratings. These not only take into account the working voltage, but also the resilience to peak transients that often occur on the lines. It is necessary to ensure that any meter being used for these applications is suitably rated. This may result in needing to buy a more expensive meter.
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A screwdriver is a special tool at home. It is, therefore, important to make sure you choose the right screwdriver that will make work easy. There are so many brands and type of screwdrivers in the market. For instance, there are different types of screwdrivers used in jewellery and watch-making. Also, screwdriver used by cellphone technicians and hobbyists. Each screwdriver is made with certain specifications and usages to make the work easier in each area. We breakdown some important tips for your next screwdriver purchase:
1. Good Grip - When buying a screwdriver, take time and check the grip. The grip of a screwdriver is important because this is a good way to make sure that you can easily work with it. Most of the models have a rubber or plastic handle grips. Buy the one that you like the best. A very smooth handle means that the screwdriver might slip from time to time. To make sure the screwdriver has a good grip looks for one that has a comfortable handle grip.
2. Interchangeable Heads - A good screwdriver should have the options for interchangeable heads. This means it is easy to attach any head on the screwdriver. Most of these screwdrivers come with different heads as a bonus. When working on different projects, you can use the same screwdriver as long as you interchange the screw heads.
3. The Length of the Screwdriver - Length remains a valuable aspect when choosing the right screwdriver. For a long as you will be assured that it can reach the places where the shorter ones cannot reach. However, this is equally challenging because the longer the screwdriver, the harder it becomes to steer. Always set this into consideration based on the type of work that you do.
4. The Price - When buying your next screwdrivers check your budget versus the quality, specifications and usage. Buying a cheap one means that you end up spending so much money in the long run. This is because you will keep replacing them from time to time. It is advisable to purchase one screwdriver that will endure you for a long haul.