Universal crimping pliers


  • Universal crimping pliers

  • ART NO:

  • PA-20

  • Description:

  • Features:
    1. High-precision crimping of small and medium-sized
        contact pins is possible.
    2. By using four different die sizes, we can support crimping
        of terminals up to a pitch of 2.5mm to 5mm.
    3. Compatible with AWG # 28 to # 18 wires.
    4. The dies are thin and ideal for crimping pins.
    5. The grip uses an eco-friendly elastomer. Excellent oil resistance.
    6. The body surface is luxurious black dyed Teflon processing. .
    7. Set pins allow easy adjustment of long-term use.
    8. Equipped with a convenient strap hole to prevent falling.
    Material: High carbon steel / Weight: 137g