Portable residual chlorine meter


  • Portable residual chlorine meter

  • ART NO:

  • NPT-CLOZ801

  • Description:

  • Portable residual chlorine meter NPT-CLOZ801 chlorine detector in water
    It can be adapted to various occasions, whether it is industrial or domestic use, and the waterproof level reaches IP65.
    Waterproof level:
    Other pen-type meters are generally IP57 waterproof, and NOBO is IP65. Not only the probe part can be soaked in water, but the body can also be soaked in water, which has better waterproof performance.
    Most of the probes on the market use membrane probes, which need to consume reagents to measure. NOBO probes use high-precision potentiometric sensors, which can directly measure without consuming reagent.

    Original Color LCD Screen:
    Whether it is day or night, it can be used, the brightness is clearly visible, and the Ozone and residual chlorine mode can be switched freely, with three buttons, easy to operate. Don't worry about how to use it, we will distribute the color manual.