Handy crimping tool complete set


  • Handy crimping tool complete set

  • ART NO:

  • PAD-02

  • Description:

  • Features:
    1. Exclusive case with cushioning material that is compact and
        easy to carry.
    2. Comes with a compact parts case that can store frequently
        used terminals and parts.
    3. Compatible with over 90 types of terminals!
    4. The finish of crimping is also beautiful with high-precision dies.
    5. Compatible with even more terminals if replaced with optional dies.
    6. The number of tool bodies to carry can be reduced due to the
        dice exchange type.
    7. With wire strip and cutting function.
    8. Body / die: Special alloy steel / Stopper: ABS
    9. Accessories: Hex wrench 2.5mm across flats
    10. Set weight: 910 g