• ART NO:

  • KSR19

  • Description:

  • A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer. Build this kit and find out how much fun electronics, mechanics or hydraulics can be! 

    This mission-based, entry-level STEM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics) coding robot is designed to inspire users to learn about mechanical engineering and coding basics. It encourages children to think while also developing their problem-solving skills when faced with different tasks and difficulties. Engage in the coding world and beyond by challenging yourself with your very first coding robot.

    The mechanical coding wheel is placed into the heart of the robot to steer its coded courses and tasks. Coding is easily implemented by snapping the coding buttons onto the wheel and having the robot perform its basic functions - go forward, go backward, right/left turn, spin or pause. Thanks to this easy to follow approach, coding and performing the tasks (such as throwing, lifting, kicking or drawing) become more interesting and challenging as the user's skills increase.
    • A fun way to develop your STEM skills (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics)
    • A new concept of coding without a computer or app
    • Recommended age: 14+
    • Power supply: 2 x AAA LR03 battery (not incl.)
    • Dimensions:
      • Forklift bot: 263 x 116 x 210 mm
      • Soccer bot: 231 x 116 x 210 mm
      • Drawing bot: 243 x 116 x 210 mm
      • Gripper bot: 253 x 116 x 210 mm
      • Shooting bot: 172 x 116 x 260 mm
    • Number of pieces: 238