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Art No : SL-60

  • Descrription

* Stereo Microscope ideal for SMD inspection
* Magnification: x10/x20 switchable (Option: x20/x40)
* Equipped with static dissipative mat to prevent
  electronic components from static discharge

● Wide field of view (dia. 23mm)
● Universal type of fluorescent lamp featuring low maintenance cost (approx. 5,000-hours life)
● 220x220mm full-flat wide working space
● 1M ohm resistor built in earth cord for safety
● With optional CMOS Camera & Software (Model SL-62), a microscopic image can be seen on personal computer, and distance measurement, attachment to e-mail, etc. are feasible on PC.
● Coming with 3-core VDE electric plug with earth (only 220-240 version)
Fine and clear stereoscopic view
with less distrotion


Magnification (Field of view) x10(φ23mm), x20(φ11.5mm)
Objective Lens x1, x2
Eyepiece (Field No.) 

×10 (23)

Body 45°inclined & 360°Rotay Binocular Body
(Diopter Adjustment on left eyepiece tube)
Working Distance 82.5 ㎜
Focus Adjustment Rack and Pinion
Stage Plate Static Dissipative Mat (220 x 220 mm)
Interpupillary Distance 52㎜~75㎜
Incident Light 9W Fluorescent Lamp (FCL9EX)
Base 220 x 285 mm
Height 326 mm
Weight 5.1 Kgs.
Accessories: Acryl Plate (2 pcs.), Earth Cord, Eye Shade (R & L),
  Dust Cover and Tension Control Pin

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