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Product Name : EPR SELF-FUSING TAPE - 9 m

Art No : T10RUB

  • Descrription


  • no glue needed to fix the tape thanks to a self-fusing process which "melts" the rubber to a watertight fit
  • strong bonding rubber layer offers an immediate bond and waterproof junction
  • application: insulation, sealing and protection of joints and terminations of rubber or plastic cables and tubes


  • EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based
  • length: 19 mm x 9 m
  • thickness: 0.76 mm
  • colour: black
  • ideal storage temperature: ± 21 °C
  • storage humidity: 40-50 % RH
  • storage environment: store the tape away from moisture, heat, direct sunlight, acids, alkalis, and make sure the rubber is not in contact with any harmful substances

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