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Art No : VM103

  • Descrription

This blinking module was designed for the activation and deactivation of a load (e.g. lighting) in order to obtain a blinking effect. The ON and the OFF duration can be adjusted separately. The blinking module is suited for both resistive and slightly inductive loads. This blinking module is ideally suited for steering e.g. disco lights, safety signs, light bulbs, ferromagnetic transformers for halogen lighting, etc ...


  • noise suppressed according to EN55015
  • can be mounted in a switch box on a DIN rail or on a wall
  • adjustable speed
  • led indication
  • AC power: 110 to 240VAC
  • max. load: 3A : 500W (240VAC cos fi = 1) / 250W (115VAC - cos fi = 1)
  • ON-time adjustable between: 50ms and 2.5s
  • OFF-time adjustable between: 0.5s and 15s
  • dimensions: 106 x 101 x 44.5mm (4.2" x 4.0" x 1.75")
  • weight: 172g (0.38lbs)

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