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Art No : VM101

  • Descrription

This multifunctional dimmer was designed specifically for lighting control through a microprocessor. The device will automatically deactivate when the loads behaves too inductive. The multifunctional dimmer can be operated from various places and the "soft start" function prolongs the life of your light bulbs.
The multifunctional dimmer has 13 functions e.g. push button, regular dimmer, staircase light control, slow ON/OFF, interval timer, speed adjustment for fans, etc...


  • noise suppressed according to EN55015
  • no memory loss in case of power failure
  • can be mounted in a switch box on a DIN rail or on a wall
  • auto frequency detection: 50 or 60Hz
  • AC power: 110 to 240VAC
  • max. load: 2.5A (300W at 115VAC & 600W at 240Vac)
  • dimensions: 106 x 101 x 44.5mm (4.2" x 4.0" x 1.75")
  • weight: 207g (0.46lbs)

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