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Art No : VM203

  • Descrription

VM203 VM203 VM203 VM203VM203 VM203 VM203

USB connection

This PICKit™2 Development Programmer is very versatile. It features on board sockets for many types of PIC® microcontrollers. Also provided is an ICSP connector, to program your onboard device.
It is compatible with the free tools from Microchip such as the MPLAB® IDE environment

Check Microchip.com for PICKit™2 compatible devices.

PICKit, PIC and MPLAB are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc.


  • USB powered
  • power output to target is supported
  • indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode
  • USB driven alternative for K8048
  • dimensions: 70 x 73mm / 2.76 x 2.87"

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