SAT-18C Handheld OTDR


  • SAT-18C Handheld OTDR

  • ART NO:

  • SAT-18C1

  • Description:

  • SAT-18C handheld OTDR is the newest instrument designed for testing FTTx network. It is mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber, such as the length, the transmission loss and the splice loss etc. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. It is widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system.
    Key Features: 
    1. Handheld, lightweight and convenient for carrying. 
    2. The most advanced technology of double-colour &material integrative mould in aspect.
    3. Advanced anti-reflective TFT LCD, the display interface can be clearly seen in the field.
    4. Support Auto Test, Manual Test and Real-Time Test functions.
    5. Speed curve analysis, and multiple curves comparison.
    6. Visual fault locating (VFL).
    7. Universal FC/SC/ST connector type, it is convenient for surface cleaning.
    8. SD card interface supports SD card to transfer data.
    9. Support Bellcore GR196 and SR-4731 format.
    10. Battery status indication, and low battery power alarming.
    11. Replaceable lithium battery supports up to 10 hours of working time.
    12. Energy save function, and adjustable automatic turn-off time.